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Our Services


We serve sales to all regions of Indonesia, with full support regarding after-sales services. Don’t worry, our machines are already in various parts of Indonesia.

Service Center


Jogjakarta Jawa Tengah


Jalan Jagir Wonokromo 100 Surabaya Jawa Timur




Guaranteed purchases are guaranteed in accordance with agreements, promotions, and other conditions made at the beginning of the purchase, both for new machines and second machines.


We installed throughout Indonesia, as well as repairing our machines. We will list the eligibility list of places and supporting matters in the list so that the buyer can prepare them properly.

Operator Training

We also provide training in operating our machines for those of you who have just made their first purchase and provide consulting services if there is anything that needs to be asked.

Techincal Support

Supported technicians in their field and we always update our technicians' skills by directly doing training with the factory, whether we come to the factory or the factory that comes to us.

Delivery and Shipping

We serve sales throughout Indonesia with a variety of reliable shipping, or customers can provide advice on this.


The availability of consumables is vital, because related to the work being handled, we provide safe stock for various consumables for our machines.

Online Service

We provide online consultations for our customers who want to ask and consult.

We provide profiles that can be requested if you experience problems such as deleted, corrupt profiles etc. can request it back to us via online.

For some obstacles that are very important and require immediate treatment we provide remote PC services to guide you in handling them immediately.