Vroom Flatbed
UV VR2513-G6

Professional Versatile Flatebed UV Printing

NEWEST 2021 Classic Model, with Wide Applications

  • Wide Format
  • High Precision
  • Efficiency
  • High-speed
  • UV Flatbed Printer

Vroom Flatbed UV VR2513-G6

Ricoh G6 Print Head Technology
Apply Ricoh G6 metal nozzle print head, with corrosion resistance. Firm all steel frame structure.
Long life print head. Stable operation. Meet the needs of diversified customers from different fields.

  • Ricoh G6 printhead. Ink drop 5pl-15pl
    flexible.Printing speed 18-120 sqm.
    Corrosion resistant. Nozzle clogging
    resrresistant. Long service life
  • Top German Color Gate RIP software
    with excellent color management and
    ICC configuration files, ink consuming
    reduced by 30%, with gorgeous colors
    and ensure output effect. 

Vroom Flatbed UV VR2513-G6

Model VROOM-2513
Print Size
Printer Weight
Print Head Type
Ricoh G6 Print Head
Print Head Quantity
3/4/5/6/7/8/12 and can be customized
Ink System
Continuous ink supply/Volume: 2000ml
Printing Color
CMYK+W+V; CMYK+LCLM+W+V; and support multiple color combinations
Printing Precision
720*900DPI / 720*1200DPI / 720*1800DPI
Printing Speed
High speed mode(4Pass) 24㎡ /h, Standard mode(6Pass) 15㎡ /h, High precision mode (8Pass) 9㎡ /h
Printing Height
0mm ~100mm (can customize)
Media Weight
Platform 120KG per square meter
RIP Software
German ColorGATE RIP9/Photo Print ; and supporting various printing softwares
File Format
Lifting Function
Intelligent Ink vehicle lifting, Electronic-automatic/manual intelligent induction to test & adjust height
Power Requirements
AC220V (± 5V) ; 50Hz/60Hz ; P : 5000W
Data Interface
High speed USB transfer interface
Driver Software
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Operation Environment
Temperature: 20oC - 32oC / Humidity: 40-70%
Printer Dimension
4230mm*2200mm*1325mm (L/W/H)
* Remark
: The data is subject to change without prior notice. The speed listed above varies with print head settings & special spot print